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Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney: What To Know

Personal Injury Attorney
Once you hire a personal injury attorney, you reduce the stress of handling a claim, and you have someone who is looking out for your best interest. Your lawyer will advise you before making decisions to help avoid common pitfalls and improve your odds of filing a successful claim. If you've been injured, here's what to know about hiring a personal injury attorney.

Time Limit

It's best to consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible when you or your loved one is injured. The law places a limit on the amount of time you have from the date of your injury to seek compensation.
The Texas statute of limitations allows injured persons to sue within two years from the date of the injury. That means if you were injured in May 2016, you have until June 2018 to file a civil lawsuit. 

Types of Compensation

Under Texas law, the injuries you suffered may entitle you to economic, non-economic, and exemplary damages. The type of damages you're entitled to depend on the specific circumstances of your injury.
Economic damages compensate you for financial losses you sustained as a result of your injury. This includes past and future wage loss for the time period that you're unable to work and previous and ongoing medical expenses related to your injury. You must verify your losses, so it's crucial to gather documentation, such as medical bills and proof of the wages you were earning at the time you were injured.
Non-economic damages refer to the physical and emotional pain and suffering you experienced due to your injury. 
Also called punitive damages, exemplary damages are a type of compensation meant to discourage the at-fault party from engaging in conduct similar to that which resulted in your injury. 


When you're injured, it's best to spend your time resting, recovering, and adjusting to the aftermath of having been injured in a car accident. Your personal injury lawyer provides a number of crucial services that you won't have to worry about while you recuperate. You can expect your personal injury attorney file the claim with the insurance company on your behalf. 
Your lawyer will also advise you of your rights and counsel you on the important steps that you need to take following your injury to aid the success of your claim. Your attorney will handle the negotiation process, which consists of a large chunk of the work. 
Also, the personal injury attorney representing you will advise you on the appropriate medical treatment and can provide physician referrals. Getting the appropriate medical treatment significantly impacts the outcome of your claim. 


Sometimes filing a personal injury claim is a straightforward process for receiving fair compensation for your injuries. However, this isn't always the case. Insurance companies often have a team of lawyers working on their behalf, and it can quickly feel like a David and Goliath situation. Data from the Insurance Research Council found that car accident victims who chose to attain the help of an experienced personal injury attorney received 40 percent higher settlements than injured parties who made the decision to go it alone. 
The data found that hiring a personal injury lawyer is especially beneficial if you experienced a significant amount of monetary loss as a result of the injury. Individuals who chose to hire an attorney report much higher satisfaction with the outcome of the settlement than those without legal representation, according to the IRC. The statistics are clear; you stand to have more success by having an attorney represent you in your claim. 
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